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  • Description: Gayatri Mantra by Bernie Heideman

    This to show how others have used real Gayatri.
    This video is the real story and rendition of the Gayatri Mantra. As you will see and hear, the real Gayatri Mantra is much different from what people think the Gayatri is. What is taught is a truncated version of the real one, without the correct understanding of that, even.
    This video shows the guru/disciple relationship as the guru being the enemy of the disciple, at least in the disciples eyes. Every disciple comes to some version of this relationship, although the guru may not see that as being a reality. To him, the guru, it is just another illusion that he has to remove. The name guru means 'take away the darkness'. Ignorance is seen as the veil which hides or covers the inner Self. When that is removed, the disciple is realized, and has the same state as the Guru, which is the same as God. Jesus' statement that "I and the father are One" "None come to Father except through me" is the realization of the single identity. Of course, Jesus had some problems with that statement, as he had not fully understood the statement himself. He would have acted differently, if he had.
    There is a record of the argument between Jesus and his guru in Kashmir, where his guru advised Jesus that his training was not finished, and ultimately his mission would fail. Jesus still returned to Israel, and events unrolled just as his guru had said.
    Jesus, as he saw his guru's words coming true before his eyes, entered into a desperate strategy. He prepared for his failure by concentrating on his chief disciple Peter, who he called his rock. The christian religion is really Peter's. We should all be called Peterians.
    And God was with Jesus. He survived the crucifixion through his mastery of Yoga. But he left Israel to set the new religion on its course, with Peter at its helm. To stay would undo what had been accomplished. He would still fail, if he stayed. So he went back to Kashmir to his guru, to tell him that he had been right.
    It is there, in Kashmir, where he reached the final beatitude, just as Vishwamitra did.
    This conflict between Guru and disciple has manifested many times in the past. This conflict existed between Arjuna and Khrisna on the battlefield of Kurushetra. That dispute is now known as the Bhagavad Gita today.
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