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The Reviewer Contest!

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  • Description: Well time to make love, not war!

    Here it is, folks, the contest for all of you people who ever wanted a reason to make
    a videogame review.

    Due to Game Dude backing out of this idea, i've opened it up to all you folks who commented
    about it on his page, why not have fun with this idea ourselves, right?

    Lemme know if you want to be a part of this contest by pm, comment or whatever, i'll
    add you here in the description as being a 'contestant'.

    And this is strictly for fun, as it should be!

    Contestants so far:

    Judekhanzo, DOOM SNES Review
    Dracozon, Boogerman SNES Review
    ShiTamashii, Reviewer Review.
    Vicsor, Aladdin SNES Review
    AMTProductions1, Out To Lunch SNES Review.
    Isritacarito, Super Street Fighter II SNES Review.
    Dygeron92, Hong Kong 97, SNES Review
    DJCuell, Mario's Early Years, SNES Review
    Hamsteere, Reviewer Review
    TheEgotasticRipoff, Reviewer Review
    DigimontamerB, Kirby Superstar, SNES Review
    Rebirthangel, King of Dragons, SNES Review
    TubedUp909Part3, DKCountry (parody review)
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