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The Scientist: Sheldon/Penny (Big Bang Theory)

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  • Description: Wow, it's been a long while since I've done any vidding. I'm sorry to say...but I think for the moment I'm a bit off Doctor Who vids. I think it's in all likelihood just because this year has been so scarce for DW eps, so the inspiration is a little gone. Don't get me wrong, the love is still there. Just not the passion.
    BUT now on to my new obsession: The Big Bang Theory. I kind of doubt I'll make any more vids to this fandom and I actually promised myself I wouldn't do one in the first place. But I heard this song and just couldn't help thinking how perfect it is in my own little Shenny-filled mind. It might not seem perfect until I explain, so let me:
    In a perfect world where Sheldon and Penny got together, and a not-so-perfect world following that where they broke up, this video follows Sheldon remembering the highs and lows of his relationship with Penny, (the glowy clips being good memories, the dark sort of half-coloured black/white ones being bad) about how he wants to go back to the beginning and start fresh with her. And in the end she comes to see him and he pleads for her to stay.
    Song is 'The Scientist' by Coldplay, clips are property of their respective owners, as is the show 'The Big Bang Theory'. All I own is a version of Vegas that crapped out on me literally six times and I had to restart this video six freaking times! If I didn't love sharing my vids so much I probably would have given up, but I prevailed!!
    *does victory dance* :)
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