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The Tic Code (1999) COMPLETE

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  • Description: A 10 year old gifted boy wants to be a jazz pianist much to the chagrin of his more classical oriented piano instructor. With his mother's help, he is an underage regular at a local nightspot, where he is teamed up with a sax superstar. Both come to learn that each suffers from Tourette's Syndrome (thus the film title). The older man has developed mannerisms to cover up his own fallibilities and resents the boy and his mother's acceptance of the disease.

    ------ CREDITS ------
    The Tic Code (1999)

    Director : Gary Winick
    Writer : Polly Draper
    - Chris Marquette
    - Tony Shalhoub (aka. Monk, MIB shrunken head)
    - Bill Nunn (aka. Sister Act Cop)
    - Polly Draper
    - Robert Iler (aka. Anthony "AJay" Soprano Jr.)
    - David Johansen (aka The Guy from Burnzy's Last Call)
    - Gregory Hines (†2003)

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