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TheCuso's "NEBULA CUT" XCM Tutorial

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    Ok, finaly i decided to release this move to the public.

    I think it's my best creation and though it might seem an easy and stupid cut it has a lot of potential.

    Nebula is an utility move that it's meant to be incorporated into more complex and elaborated flourishes.

    As an elegant alternative to the swing cut it can also be used to divide the deck in two halves in the middle of your favourite one handed cuts routine.

    I like to use it before making a smear fan in the right hand and a carnahan in the left to show a circle.

    I know many people (includding my friends Jonas Haglund, Huron Low, TicaL and others) are using this move and have came up with fantastic variations and combos that might eventually be made public for you.

    I had a hard time deciding if i should release this move or keep it for me and my friends but you know how i am and how i think, and for those of you that dont i'll tell you...

    I think this move has a lot of potential as i said so keeping it wouldn't make our art progress in any way.

    So here is my little gift for you to experiment.

    I would like to see hundreds of video responses with your ideas upon this concept and of course i would like you to TAKE YOUR TIME to comment on what do you think about the move (what is nice and what is not...) so please stay away from saying: "nice", "wow", "great stuff" "thanks" "keep it up" kind of comments, PLEASE! :P

    I want to thank everyone that watches my stuff, all my subscribers here and specially in my blog (those of you that take me seriously :P), all my flourishing friends and the video editor who asked me to keep his name private.

    Thanks a lot once again and enjoy!
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