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Three 11 inch Abalone in a Day

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  • Description: Reed, Jesse and Carl freedive hunting California's north coast for abalone. On this day they found three 11 inchers, and six 10 inchers. The dive site was within the area formed by a line drawn due west magnetic from the center of the mouth of San Francisco Bay, north to the California-Oregon border.

    The first fish shown are black rockfish, the schooling fish are Pacific sand lance, the fish that is eating a sand lance is a juvenile black rockfish, the camouflaged fish is a cabezon, the fish that spooks the cabezon is a kelp greenling, a lingcod is perched on the rock, and the fish in the cave is a black-and-yellow rockfish. For other information regarding marine life and marine life identification, please consult the internet, a book, or your local marine biologist.

    Filmed with a Canon G9 with Canon housing and a GoPro HD shooting at R5 1080p.

    Video taken by Reed and Kirby
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