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TOEFL Essay Evaluation: "Should Students Be Required to Attend Classes?"

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    Hi, Nadeem, this is Michael Buckhoff of Better TOEFL Scores.

    I have scored your TOEFL iBT independent essay task according to the ETS rubrics that TOEFL iBT human raters will use to score your essay.

    This is what you wrote:

    hello sir

    this is my new assay

    Some people believe that university student should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific detail and examples in your answer.

    To be educated is important for all people to support their family and compete with the society for better life. Some people might think that university classes should be optional because compulsory classes are wastage of time and rather un-necessary. I believe that university classes should be compulsory for all students because classes provide guidance and motivation.

    A compulsory class provides guidance to all students, so they are ready for hard work in future. Teachers in the university are very well equipped, trained and having degree related to respective subjects so, they can't be substitute by books. Their guidance constitutes a key factor in success. They got high salaries from the Universities because they are highly qualified and, if we will not attend classes we cannot understand subject vey well. We have to go for tuition privately by paying separate fees, may be vary from 500 to 1000$ per months. For example, if I will not attend the English class in the university, I cannot master the English reading, writing, and speaking skills, to master all these skills I need guidance from the teacher or I need separate coaching for English by paying extra or separate fee.

    Interaction with other class students is another advantage for compulsory university classes that lead to students' motivation. When we are attending university classes then we will listen and share ideas with other students that lead the competitive atmosphere in the class, so every student try to work hard and will be motivated. Like my friend amjad did best always in biology, I tried to beat him and, got good scores, this all was because of competitive atmosphere in the class. This happen not only between two of us rather, our class is the best class in the whole university only because teacher-students and students-students motivation was the crucial step in this progress. Last year student of the year is from our class only because of motivation we got in the University class.

    In conclusion compulsory university classes provide more opportunity to succeed in life because of training and competitive atmosphere in the class that cannot be substituted
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