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TOM HILLS DOJO - Goju Karate - Seiyunchin & Kururunfa Kata Bunkai

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  • Description: Toms demonstrates Self defense: Seiyunchin & Kururunfa Kata Bunkai, old Chinese interpretations of the first moves of Seiyunchin suggest 'Hawk' postures. Assisted by Shelly Robbins, David Winfield, Andy Pestaillie. Video by Richard Smith

    Tom Hill is the Chief Instructor of Tom is 60 years old in 2011 and has been training over 38 years.

    The club has been established over 35 years. Formal 2 hour training on Monday & Thursday evenings and informal training on Sunday mornings.

    Tom Hill has written the following ebooks & articles on apple ibooks & Amazon Kindle:

    Belief & Emotion
    A book about what makes us all 'tick' and how to improve that 'tick'.

    A Guide to The Art of Self Defence
    This book is not to try and teach you self defence moves -- but the essence of Self defence

    Toms top ten health & wellbeing tips
    These suggestions are intended for fit Karate or Martial Arts students
    who wish to gain maximum benefit from training & lifestyle.

    The Law on Self Defence - UK
    A striaghtforward explanation of the UK law on self defence.

    Karate Terminology
    Most of the terminology required for Karate and General Japanese Martial Arts
    with Japanese to English translations

    San Dan Gi
    The Goju Ryu 'San Dan Gi' (Three level sequence) as a training exorcise

    Tom Hill - Poems
    21 of Toms poems (some on the Martial Arts)

    Gekusai Dai Ichi Kata Sequence
    An illustrated (with photographs) step by step instruction manual on how to perform
    Gekusai Dai Ichi Kata.

    Sort out the UK Dan grades
    The Dan Grade system in Karate
    (and perhaps in other Martial Arts systems)
    is in a mess! It is high time someone said so and
    not just complained about it but offered up a sensible
    and workable solution that was both fair and intelligent.

    How to Run a Martial Arts Club
    A step by step, guide for Students of Karate or any
    Martial Art, who wish to learn how to run a Martial Arts Club.

    Maximum Karate & athletic fitness & wellbeing
    Many students ask my opinion about Fitness matters.
    This is about my thoughts and studies regarding the subject of Fitness.
    These suggestions are intended for Karate students
    or other Athletes who wish to gain extra fitness and wellbeing.

    Essays for Black Belt
    To obtain a chance to grade for Shodan - Black belt
    first degree in Karate -,
    students must complete an essay
    of at least 500 words to be considered for the grade.
    Here are over 20 of these essays from students over the last 25 years applying for the Grade.

    Tom Hill - A life in Karate - Interview
    In 1976 the Grovehill Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead was brand new.
    It was visited by a young man who had just moved into the area
    who thought it would make a good Martial Arts Dojo

    Tom has also produced a DVD with many of the clips shown on it. See our website:

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