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Toradora! English Dub Episode 2 Part 2 Preview

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  • Description: PLEASE READ!! A J&C Studios' production. A fandub of "Toradora!".

    So, yes; We missed out mid-February release by...well...we're still behind. Recording has taken longer than expected and life has decided to rear its ugly head for most of our voice actors. But the good news is that we're NOT GONE. We have just recently gotten back onto somewhat of a schedule and are recording lines periodically. I don't want to give you guys a new release date for fear of disappointing everyone again. Please forgive us!

    Also, we ran into some problems with copyright here on youtube and had our first episode taken down for quite some time. I filed a claim just recently and all parts of episode 1 have been restored, at least for the time being. Hopefully, they will remain up for everyone to view, but apparently the dispute process isn't finished, so we'll see how long this lasts.

    Anyways, that you so so so so so very much for sticking with us and thank you for all your feedback, praising and critical. It helps a lot and keeps us moving forward. We're not sure how long we're going to be doing this, but we're not going to let some bumps in the road slow us down now! Thanks again and look forward to part 2!

    Caleb Hyles (Ryuuji)
    Brinkley Jones (Taiga)
    Joshua Hyles (Yuusaku)
    Abby Betts (Minori)
    Erin Hughes (Maya)
    Anna Hyles (Yasuko)
    Timothy Givan (Inko)
    Sean Norris (student)
    Walt Cobb (student)
    Phil Johnson (student)
    Caroline Mitchell (Nanako)
    Josh Vines (Koji)
    Carter Lloyd (Hisamitsu)
    Marcus Hyles (Kuroma/Coach)
    Neill Michaud (student)
    Margaret Murphy (student)

    Directed and Edited by:
    Caleb Hyles

    Adapted script by:
    Caleb Hyles

    Programs used:
    Corel Videostudio Pro 13, Audacity

    Sound effects were all domain free.

    This is a non-profit fan-dub. J&C Studios does not claim rights to Toradora or any other affiliated media. This is a fan-made productions made by fans for fans. Please support the anime, manga, and light novels by purchasing any future releases.
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