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Triplet Exercise Two - Rudy Quesada

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  • Description: This exercise shows the demonstration of switching each hand on the down of each triplet. You can start on either hand left or right. As the video shows it's counted "1 trip let" "2 trip let" Etc. Start slow and gradually build your way up with the tempo. Hopefully if you're a beginner and have watched my other beginner videos, you have already bought a metronome. All metronomes especially electronic have the time signature for triplets. Try to practice this exercise the way I demonstrate it. Then when you get comfortable you can improvise. Make sure to practice slow and start with about 40 to 50 bpm.

    I really like the way the exercise sounds when its played at a fast tempo.

    Note: All demonstrations are considered for all levels of playing, unless otherwise noted for Beginners only.

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