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TRON GIRL in 3D! (see description)

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  • Description: HOW TO VIEW IN 3D: for better viewing, expand the screen and watch 720 or 1080. Use the 3D menu (lower right corner of the youtube player) to select the view that matches the kind of glasses you have. Sorry, the newer ones from the cineplex don't work: they don't make computer monitors that use them. Experiment with different settings to see which one works best for you. If you don't have the old colored 3D glasses, try the "cross-eyed" option in the menu: Then cross your eyes, which will create the appearance of 3 images. Focus on the middle one, and you'll have a full-color 3D experience! But it might strain your eyes a little. YouTube is still working on the 3D experience, it's not perfect yet. But hope you enjoy what we've got so far. :)

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