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UFO The Smoking Gun NASA Video Archives 2012

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    The Real Stuff Collection hand picked Ufo videos only on LOLTOROCK powered by YouTube. "When quality matters".

    The extraterrestrial energyzoa hypothesis (ETZH) is and alternative hypothesis of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, that some of the UFO phenomena is best explained as being some kind of biological lifeforms and not creatures from other planets occupying physical spacecraft visiting Earth. The issue has already been a matter of discussion in astrobilological speculation known as the atmospheric beast hypothesis.

    NASA Shuttle deploys a 12-mile tether, which breaks. UFOs can clearly be seen in front of and behind the tether, that is now 80 miles away. Later, when the NASA crew is filming a satellite, they're forced to shoot it at a strange angle in an attempt to frame out all of the spheres that are swarming around it.

    The conversations become tense, as the crew and Ground Control discuss and dissemble about these objects. Some of these swarming objects do look like lens flares from shiny ice particles, which accompany the Shuttle in orbit around the Earth but many of the objects shown throughout this clip do not move or appear anything like ice particles.

    Martyn Stubbs VS NASA
    Extraordinary NASA videotape of UFOs in space and history of astronaut UFO sightings that has begun a whole NASA disclosure movement.

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