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UNITY [GameCube Beta Demo - UNRELEASED!] V2

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    Designer Jeff Minter, of Defender and Tempest 2000 fame, has teamed up with Peter Molyneux (Black & White) to deliver an abstract 3D music shooter for GameCube. Part game, part light machine, Unity takes place in swirling, morphing vortex-like wormholes. The environment changes in accordance to the game's music. Relying heavily on techno/trance music, Unity creates psychedelic pathways whose colors and shape bend and warp based on the tempo and beat of the music. It's unclear how much of the game is based off of Minter's VLM technology, but it seems likely that the layout of each wormhole will change every time you play.

    In December 2004, developer Llama Soft and publisher Lionhead Studios announced that Unity had been cancelled.

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