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Uplifting Trance View Set 2011

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  • Description: Uplifting Trance Travel By Nature[Oguz Wervest Present.]
    1.11 Hours Nature Travel by Uplifting Trance----Make to Full Screen Mode and Feel It & Enjoy It...

    Uplifting Trance View Set --1---2011[HD]


    1:Ronny K. - Unstoppable [0pening]
    2:Tonny Nesse-Memories (Breakdown Mix) [2:29]
    3:Afternova-Serenity(Andy Blueman Remix) [5:10]
    4:Asbjorn Hegdahl-Mornin Glo(Original Mix) [11:46]
    5:Gaia-Tuvan(Andy Blueman Remix) [18:12]
    6:Anhken and Saav-Calyon(Suncatcher Remix) [24:49]
    7:Hoyaa - Iceland Falls (Original Mix) [33:20]
    8:Waterspark-Lego(Andy Blueman Remix) [38:12]
    9:Ronny K.Pres.advanced-Onyx(Illitheas Remix) [46:50]
    10: Illitheas-Perfect Day (Original Remix) [53:15]
    11:Trancemaster - Way To Paradise (Original Mix) [57:52]
    12:Doublev and Dmitry Golban-Wings of Heaven(Original Mix) [1:03:33] & Closing]

    Uplifting Trance View Set --2-- (2011) [HD]


    1.Double V and Dmitry Golban-Enlightenment(Original Mix)
    2.Double V and Dmitry Golban-Enlightenment(Spark7 Remix)
    3.Double V and Dmitry Golban-Wings Of Heaven(Gary Afterlife Remix)
    4.Farhad Mahdavi-Blue Rose(Original Mix)
    5.Double V and Dmitry Golban-Wings Of Heaven(Original Mix)
    6.Simon O'Shine and Sergey Nevone-Jasmine(Original Mix)
    7.Simon O'Shine-Miss You(Original Mix)
    8.Sergey Nevone - Nature (Simon O`Shine Remix)
    9.The Airstatic-Nothern Palmira(Original Mix)
    10.Tim Preijers Pres Sense of Shiver feat Boom-Offshore(Temple Ones Ocean View Remix)
    11.Ronny K.-Unstoppable(Original Mix)
    12.Angel Ace-3 Am(Original Mix)
    13.Gregorio Styreco-A Perfect Smile(Anhken Remix)
    14.Fischer and Miethig-God Inside You(Blue Tente Balearic Mix)

    Uplifting Trance View Set -- 3--2012 [Orchestral,Chill-Out & Ambient Set][HD]


    1. Anhken & Saav - Calyon (ambient mix)
    2. Banyan Tree - Feel The Sun Rise
    3. Tonny Nesse - Memories (Breakdown Mix)
    4. Atb - Trilogy
    5. Chicane - Early
    6. Vibrasphere- Mountain Lake
    7. Pink Elephant - Lax

    8. Afternova - Serenity (Andy Blueman Orchestral Remix)
    9. Sunlounger - Punta Galera (Chill-Out Mix)
    10. Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Chill-Out Mix)
    11. Robert Nickson - Spiral (Chill-Out Mix)
    12. Robert nickson - Maybe Next Time (Chill-Out Mix)
    13. Steve Forte Rio featuring JES - Blossom (Lounge Mix)
    14. Zoo Brazil - Crossroads

    My New Uplifting Channel:

    ------Describes some of the things words,the MELODIES of many things------Oguz Wervest
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