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USB Loader - Ultimate Tutorials

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  • Description: These are the tutorials in the video. Skip to the time of whatever tutorial your looking for.
    0:07 - Requirements
    0:23 - How to get the USB Loader on the Hombrew Channel
    1:07 - Setting up the USB Loader
    2:05 - Adding Wii games to your USB (on PC)
    2:30 - Extracting an ISO (Wii game) from your USB
    3:06 - Reformatting your USB
    3:32 - Installing a Wii game via the USB Loader
    4:44 - Playing a Wii game via the USB

    WBFS Manager:

    USB Loaders:
    - SD/USB Loader

    - Wii Coverflow

    - USB Loader GX

    Q: Will I lose all of my stuff thats on my USB once I format it?
    A: Yes. So it's important to make a backup of your USB if you decide to format it. That way when you don't want to use your USB for USB Loader any more you can reformat it to its original settings and add your stuff again.

    Q: Which USB Loader is the best?
    A: It doesn't really matter which one you choose as long as it works for you. Some have the feature to use cheats. Others are more simple, and some even enable skinning.

    Q: Can you use an iPod for a USB?
    A: Yep but you still have to format it.

    Q: When do you insert the USB?
    A: Before you turn on your Wii or before you load the USB Loader from the homebrew channel.

    If you have additional questions on USB Loaders not mentioned in the video please ask away and I'll put your question here.
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