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Wake Up Part 35

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  • Description: Wake Up Part 35
    tired of people jumping ahead on me,
    the series is to be continued,
    if you think you know my point of view, or
    think you know where im heading only because
    you have jumped into conclusion that im advocating
    a religion or an agenda, be prepared to be swept off
    your chairs....Anyone attacking me are only resisting to
    change in their belief system, which i know people hold
    dear to their life, change isn't particularly wanted, people
    are afraid of it, they despise it ! If you want to know the
    truth, you all have to be prepared to be open minded,
    and be willing to go wherever the truth leads you !
    Got a new logo, like it !?
    My Website :

    anyone thinking i done this
    video on a fanatical religious
    point of view is wrong, if you
    haven't understand it,
    you will in time...
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