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War of the Servers (Episode 1)

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  • Description: War of the Servers is created with and is based on Garry's Mod, a popular Half Life 2 mod. Since I can't possibly cram the entire movie onto youtube all in one, I've decided to upload it in "episodes", each around 15 minutes long. All of the episodes as of now have been released, so check 'em out!

    (Full credit goes to Robert Stoneman, Lit Fuse films, and the rest of crew who made this video)

    You can also download the video for yourself here:

    Update: Ha! I'm still the first and only one to post this up so far! I'm actually surprised no one has done this besides me!

    Update: Man, there sure are a lotta people making "War of the Servers" playlists. You really don't need to! The original playlist (composed by yours truly), can be found right here:

    Update: Well, I'm impressed by the acclimation this "series" has received! The "series" has gotten over 56,000 views total! I also wish to announce I might be the new "official uploader" for Lit Fuse Films, so expect more of these!
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