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Welcome To Ready Built Downline--What Can You Expect Next?

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    Ok, So you have heard about this group named Ready Built Downline. What can you expect from the group? And, what will the group expect from you?

    At Ready Built Downline, we have a smooth process of getting information to you! Ready Built Downline is the home for all new and experienced entrepreneurs. It is a place for all to gather and combine their unique talents as a group to maximize earning potential with a large, intact, pre - built downline.

    Doug Safriet is the mastermind behind Ready Built Downline. Doug saw many people struggling in the network marketing industry and wanted to understand why. Doug spent time analyzing network marketing businesses and compensation plans. He sees the big picture and the potential of the network marketing industry and formed Ready Built Downline with the goal of helping everyone build a more financially secure future by joining company after company in a pre-planned way.

    So, What can you expect as a brand new member?

    Well, you were introduced to Ready Built Downline by one of our ads online or perhaps by a friend. The first step is to join our facebook group.

    Once you join our group we need to make sure that we have the correct contact information for you. So, be sure to provide the best phone number and your email address.

    The information that you provide is handled by Lee Alwardt and is entered into the Ready Built Downline registry. Lee then notifies Denice MacKenzie in the Calling Community.

    Denice,or someone designated by her, will call you and personally welcome you on board! You will be given a tour of the next steps and what is expected of you through the new member entry process.

    Next up is the Business Community.
    Jim Earl will give you a call and tell you about opportunity #1, Xooma. Jim, or someone

    designated by Jim, will take you on a more indepth tour of Ready Built Downline.

    You will then be contacted by Human Resources.
    Karen Antos heads this community and matches you with your choice within one of Marketing Communities.

    This is to determine your area of interest or expertise. At Ready Built Downline, we want to you to feel that you are fully utilize your abilities.

    Next, learn about our online Marketing community. Marty Jones, or someone designated by him,

    will work with you and instruct you in building your Fan Page. Marty will also discuss other

    advertising methods. If you have experience and are willing to help others learn, you will be

    asked to share your knowledge within the community.

    So,in summary,

    Our leadership team has a clear vision when taking teams of people into businesses. We have

    well researched knowledge about each business we decide to join. We have thoroughly completed due diligence to ensure success and maximize the earning potential for each member. We achieve

    this by only entering into businesses which require the minimum number of people to achieve

    life long passive residual income.

    On behalf of the leadership team, WE all welcome you to RBD. IF you have any questions, you may contact any one of our leaders.

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