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What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

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  • Description: In the state of Massachusetts, an interlock system is installed in vehicles of drivers that have been convicted of violating Massachusetts drunk driving laws for a second time. The way that the ignition interlock program works is actually fairly simple. The device is wired to work within the interior electrical boundaries of a motor vehicle starting system; it interlocks with the starting system to override the mechanism that is located in the ignition that causes the car to start. By locking the driver out from starting the vehicle, they do not have any choice but to pass an in car breathalyzer test before the vehicle can be started.

    New England Interlock of Cambridge MA specializes in ignition interlock installation and maintaining these devices. We have been proudly doing this job since 1994, and are confident that we understand the logistics of the Massachusetts OUI process and how to help fulfill your breath alcohol ignition interlock device order better than any of our competition. For starters, the product that we employ inside of our consumers vehicles is known as the LifeSafer ignition interlock system. LifeSafer Inc has been designing and building these systems since the start of the DUI rulings stated that all offenders who have been found guilty of breaking OUI laws in Massachusetts two times in a row are mandated to have one of these devices installed into their vehicles. The device that we use is sleek and easy to handle. In fact, it resembles a large cell phone, so no one will know that you have the device in your vehicle at all.
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