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When Somebody Loved Me... [Roxas/Xion]

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  • Description: !SPOILERS FOR 358/2 DAYS! O:
    you have been warned o.O


    [Look at me Roxas. Who do you see...]


    |S t o r y|

    Xion and Roxas had a great relationship in the beggining. But Xion soon felt differently about him.
    Roxas tried to make it work but he couldnt....she wouldnt listen
    So xion still haunts his memories, and all the good times they shared. every know and again xion would come back, but just to be friends. Roxas didnt want that......but it had to be this way.


    Hmmm I really like how this video turned out XD
    I think its sorta cute


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    Song:When She Loved Me (yes it is sung by a girl but I changed the pitch)

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