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When You're Gone - Yuna x Tidus

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  • Description: Yep. My mean little brother finally let me finish! This was a vid request for PastaRox727 (I think LOL i can't remember 4 sure) btw comments not concering this video or that are just rude overall will be removed

    Song- When you're Gone by Avri Lavigne
    Made On- WMM
    Days took- 3

    DISCLAIMER- I do not own any of the clips used in this video. All belong to the makers of FFX and FFX2.

    Story board -
    Yuna and Tidus had been dating for a long time and when Tidus is going to propose to Yuna he finds out that she has to marry another man. He leaves Yuna and Yuna becomes depressed and jumps of a building. She is caught and she has to go through the whole wedding. She sees Tidus at the wedding and jumps YET AGAIN. This time no one is there to catch her and she dies. The end. XD LOL happy huh?
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