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  • Description: Unwavering audacity, intense political passion, fierce national pride -- Pedro Albizu Campos had all the makings of a classic 20th century revolutionary. As President of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, he championed social justice, defied colonial rule, and galvanized Puerto Rico's fight for independence from the United States. Revered by Che Guevara as "a symbol of the yet un-free but indomitable Latin America," and auspiciously tagged a "Puerto Rican Malcolm X," Albizu was a hero in his homeland until his controversial death in 1965. But by as early as 1933, "El Maestro," (the Teacher) as he was commonly known, was a veritable public enemy in the U.S. Despite a Harvard education and service during World War I, Albizu was condemned a criminal in Washington, labeled a terrorist by the CIA and accused of ordering the assassination of President Truman. Historians claim that Albizu "shocked his contemporaries and astonished one American President after another." Yet today, he remains inexplicably overlooked and under appreciated.

    An evocative film suited for national and international public television markets, Albizu is a two-hour documentary poised to revitalize the legacy of Puerto Rico's most prominent freedom fighter. The film's unique approach not only captures the personal story of a charismatic leader at the center of a major socio-political conflict; it takes a contemporary look at Pedro Albizu Campo's invaluable contribution to Puerto Rican identity, culture, and the continued struggle for independence throughout Latin America.
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