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[Wii] Pandora's Tower: (49-B) Blacklight Masters

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    A showdown, truly fitting for the build-up within the dungeon itself. The twins of the Dawn and Dusk towers, together the Dawn and Dusk Masters are referred to as the Blacklight Masters. At least within the random scriptures you find...

    Anyways, this encounter was a lot of fun, I have to admit that much! Not necessarily the easiest, but fun regardless!

    The first time you try to enter the boss chamber and rip some damage into whatever master you approach first, you will be ported back to the parallel side in front of the boss door.

    The encounter itself has a few key-points that are mention-worthy.
    It seems to be preferable if you stand roughly in between them to prevent the floor from attacking you... when they charge their attacks however you can take cover behind the opposite, resulting in breaking their shield protecting their flesh.
    Alternately you can grab the weapons they toss, and throw them back at the opposite to remove it.
    One should not try to finish one off as fast as possible and then switch targets... should one of the two stay alive for long enough, the other master will revive with half of his health... not a fun realization to make.

    The masters... they have been... vanquished...12 pieces of flesh...

    On a side note, I really doubt I will be getting a very good ending on this, I had hoped otherwise, but I stayed true to having a pure first playthrough unaware of the detailed mechanics and flags for whatever ending.

    Game: Pandora's Tower
    Platform: Wii
    Region: PAL
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