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Wild At Heart Series 5 Episode 4 Part 1 -vMHsO8ugtVc

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    Danny (Stephen Tompkinson) and Alice (Dawn Steele) have been preparing a cheetah, Ngotsi for release into the wild but Danny's mind isn't on the job. He's been pre-occupied with thoughts of buying a ring and proposing to Alice. Meanwhile a strange girl has turned up at Mara asking lots of questions about Alice. It's clear there's trouble in store when the girl reveals she's Olivia (Olivia Scott-Taylor), Danny's step-daughter.

    When Danny returns, he's delighted to see Olivia but it's immediately apparent that she's got a big problem with Alice and the news that her pet cheetah, Jana, is dying is the final straw. Realising Olivia needs to spend some time with Danny, Alice makes herself scarce. She encourages Hannah (Camilla Waldman), Ngotsi's owner, to come along to watch his release and it's an emotional goodbye as this is the cheetah that Hannah's dead husband hand-raised. Meanwhile Danny's attempts at making Olivia feel at home are stymied when she finds the engagement ring.

    Olivia thinks Danny has forgotten her mother and can't forgive him for moving on. She steals one of Mara's vehicles in a moment of rebellion, but is shocked to find the injured Ngotsi lying in the road and has to bring him back to Leopard's Den for surgery. Hannah is devastated when she learns that Ngotsi is brain-dead and can't bear the thought of allowing Danny to use one of his kidneys, even if it could save Jana's life. Will Olivia be able to convince Hannah to help keep Jana, and the memory of her mother, alive? And will Danny get the answer he wants from Alice?

    Created and written by by Ashley Pharoah
    Produced by Nick Goding
    Series producer Serena Bowman
    Directed by Nick Lagughland.David Richards,Roger Gartland,Paul Harrison

    Stephen Tompkinson - Danny Trevanion
    Dawn Steele - Alice Trevanion
    Deon Stewardson - Anders Du Plessis
    Hayley Mills - Caroline Du Plessis
    Olivia Scott-Taylor - Olivia Adams Trevanion
    Cal MacAninch - Rowan Collins
    Nomsa Xaba - Nomsa Nguni
    Tarryn Faye Brummage - Charlotte Collins Trevanion
    Abigail Kubeka- Cebile Fatani
    Mary-Anne Barlow - Vanessa
    Atandwa Kani - Thabo -vMHsO8ugtVc
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