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Wolfhound from the Grey Hound Tribe (2007) (Srpski prevod).

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  • Description: Wolfhound from the Grey Hound Tribe (2007) (Srpski prevod)

    He was condemned to death, but survived to wreak revenge for the murder of his clan. The last member of the clan of the Grey Hounds became a fearless warrior by the name of Wolfhound. After cheating death in the mines, Wolfhound sets out on a journey with his constant companion, the Earthbound Bat. Wolfhound has but one desire -- to destroy the Maneater, a merciless warrior who slaughtered the village of the Grey Hounds.

    Based on the novel by Maria Semyonova.

    Directed by Nikolai Lebedev
    Produced by Ruben Dishdishyan and Yuri Moroz
    Screenplay by Nikolai Lebedev
    Music by Alexei Rybnikov

    Aleksandr Bukharov as Wolfhound
    Oksana Akinshina as Princess Knesinka Helen
    Aleksandr Domogarov as the Man-Eater
    Igor Petrenko as Luchezar
    Juozas Budraitis as Dungorm
    Rezo Esadze as Illad
    Artyom Semakin as Eurikh
    Nina Usatova as Vozhditsa Kharyukov
    Natalya Varley as Mother Kendarat
    Tatyana Lyutayeva as Lekarka
    Anatoli Belyj as Vinitar
    Lilian Navrozashvili as Ertan
    Andrei Rudensky as Tillorn
    Evgenia Sviridova as Neelith
    Eugenia Tudorascu as Haigal
    Peter Zaichenko as Fitela
    Iliya Sokolovski as the guardman

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