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World War I in Color, vol.4 3/3

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  • Description: WW1 in Color -- volume 4 of 6 --

    World War I in Color is a documentary designed to make the Great War come alive for a 21st-century audience.The events of 1914-18 are authoritatively narrated by Kenneth Branagh, who presents the military and political overview, while interviews with historians add different perspectives.

    " Killers of the Sea " part 3 : In this episode we discover that there was only one major clash of fleets in World War 1. Instead, the war at sea was one of blockades and sinkings and a small but feared U-boat. By August 1914 Germany and Britain were building massive and expensive warships - the dreadnoughts. The British controlled the North Sea, and built up supplies by commandeering all goods heading for Germany. Britain's survival depended on keeping her trade routes open, and for this reason Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare on merchant shipping.
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