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You Shall Not PASS -oczu12fCA04

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  • Description: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
    Epic Narwhal vs. Epic Kraken!

    That's right. I'm geeking out over Lord of the Rings here. I've been revisiting the movies as "research" for making the costumes and props for the newest Epic Rap Battles of History. To be honest, I think I researched those movies at least 500 times when they first came out on DVD. So anyway, I was still riding high on a LOTR kick when I painted this, but I also wanted to use more comment suggestions. So I took the suggestion, narwhal, and made a little LOTR themed painting.

    Thanks everyone for all the comments, suggestions and love! The next painting I want to do based on suggestions again, so keep em coming!

    Doodle on, good people of the world. Doodle on.


    Big massive thanks to Give Me Motion for doing the score for this video!

    And go check out the newest Epic Rap Battle if you haven't yet. I'm very proud of how the costumes and props turned out :D (having done cosplay for the LOTR midnight showings, it was an honor to be able to costume for this shoot!)

    Behind the scenes / my face exhists!

    MEDIUM: watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper
    TOTAL TIME: 1 hour, 45 min (roughly) -oczu12fCA04
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