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Young Justice Abridged Opening 2 ? (You Decide!)

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  • Description: ***READ THIS***LYRICS AT THE BOTTOM***
    Hey guys, now this is something i wanted to keep secret until Episode 2 was done, which is far from, but an issue has occur to bring it to light. First and foremost, i will DEMAND that you give your praise to"RedyyChuu" for his wonderful singing here. I rewrote the lyrics to "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell from Casino Royale to fit Young Justice, and he interpreted the song beautifully. Now the issue here is this; i planned to have this be the official new Opening of Ep 2, and chose this song because i was heavily inspired by James Bond when writing IT, and this was my favorite James Bond song. I'm all for it, but while most of the cast agreed with me, some thought it was too...serious in tone to be an opening, and requested that i keep our original opening from Ep 1. Now admittedly they have a point, but not necessarily a definitive one. And although i could just pull rank and have it my way, i think that's unfair, because i respect the opinions of every single one my cast. So here's the deal, i think it should be YOU, noble fans of ours, who will decided if this Opening stays or not. Please comment and cast your vote here. Yay or Nay, whatever it may be, i'll oblige your wishes for sure. I'm satisfied that you guys all got to see the song and the opening here if nothing else, because ReddyChuu's awesome take HAS to be heard ;) Vote and enjoy my friends, cheers. P.S: A full is version of the song is being done at the moment. We will release it when it's done ;)
    Young Justice Opening: You Know Our Name

    If your life's at stake, do you know who to call?
    Odds are, young heroes will -- take the fall.
    When the bad guys show, would you stand firm with me.
    Like true brothers in arms- till we keel.

    I've seen flashes of small capes and tights.
    Young men and women falling from so high.
    Young Justice Time.

    Run away because we have arrived to take you.
    Our team will ensnare you.
    We will defeat you.
    You can't escape from these heroes who'll chase you.
    We long to beat you
    Are you willing to fight?
    They all will run just from our fame.
    You know our name.
    (Whisper as the song ends) Young Justice.
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