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Zaihar | Swag (26th Jan 2012)

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  • Description: My friend, Eve (check her out at, introduced me this song last year and it took me quite a while to get the vibe. Because I love R&B so much, it's always a challenge when I come across such songs, like this one. I didn't want to just hit hard, kill the beats or go crazy. I focused on trying to hit hard and soft - focusing on controlling my strength. And of course, focus on...DANCE! I had fun doing this. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

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    DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and non-profit purposes only and the songs are credited. For inspirational purposes only. Please respect the creative work of this choreographer/dancers. Duplicating or recycling these moves in any shape or form for your own use (without permission) is prohibited and "shameful."
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