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Zakir Naik - Questions and Answers (Urdu) (20/26)

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  • Description: Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik was born in india. he is one of the top muslim scholar.
    He went to different to different countries and gave him lecture there. such as pakistan, india, uter pardesh, gujrat , , bangladesh, canada, usa america america england london birmingham , , srilanka uae kuwait , chicago , saudia arabia , toronto. He also came to canada for Islamic reviving spirit conference.
    some of his valuable lectures that every muslim should watch are

    Zakir Naik - Concept Of God In Major Religions
    Zakir Naik - Daawah Or Destruction
    Zakir Naik - Dawat Ya Tabahi (Urdu)
    Zakir Naik - Focus On Islam And Universal Brotherhood
    Zakir Naik - If Label Shows Your Intent Wear It
    Zakir Naik - Interest Free Economy
    Zakir Naik - Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitted or Prohibited
    Zakir Naik - Is Religious Fundamentalism A Stumbling Block
    Zakir Naik - Is The Qur'an God's Word
    Zakir Naik - Islam and Christanity
    Zakir Naik - Islam and Secularism
    Zakir Naik - Muhammad(Pbuh) In The Various Religious Scriptures
    Zakir Naik - Questions and Answers (Urdu)
    Zakir Naik - Qur'an And Bible In The Light Of Science Vs Campbell
    Zakir Naik - Quran And Modern Science Conflict Or Reconciliation
    Zakir Naik - Salah A Programming For Righteousness
    Zakir Naik - Similarities Between Islam And Christanity
    Zakir Naik - Talks In Kuwait Islam And Knowledge
    Zakir Naik - Universal Brotherhood
    Zakir Naik - Women's Right in Islam - Modernising or Outdated

    He was influenced by Sheikh Ahmed Hussein Deedat .

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    His lectures are helpful for both muslim and non muslim christianity Judaism jew , and because of his great lectures alot of non-muslims converted to islam.
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