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zkos Few Manga Drawing Tips

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  • Description: Hurray for the 10 min. Limit! (how frustrating)

    Few personal tips in Manga Drawing
    (I think there's more but i can't seem to recall...)

    Drawing with an Empty Stomach
    -Okay,this isn't really much of a tip in manga drawing but if your stomach is growling,then you can't draw well,so eat hearty for today we draw manga!

    Repeat All Over Again
    -Repeat the same drawing(eyes,hair,hands.legs etc.) for about 10 to 20 times or more.But if you get tired just stop and continue next time

    Relax and Take a Break
    -No need to rush when drawing manga

    Mood in Drawing Manga
    -Mood is something that affects almost all activities you do,especially in manga drawing.If you're not in the right mood to do manga drawing then don't force yourself to draw...or it'll just end up scrap.

    Show your Drawings
    -The important thing here is to know the viewer's impression towards your work/s.Just accept whether they hate it or love it(that's what criticism is anyway).

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