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Zombies | Full Easter Egg | Moon

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  • Description: Step 1: Turn on power

    Step 2: Play Simon (Samantha Says) with the 4 computers by the entrance of tunnel 6

    Step 3: Get the hacking device and hack the last of the four computer monitors on the wall (around where you find the hacking device to begin with). After that is hacked there will be 4 computers that light up green. Hack each one quickly before time runs out and then have each of your players and you turn on all 4 monitors at once. They should stay lit up

    Step 4: Wait until tunnel 6 is breached and then take the hacker device to the start room (after teleport) and hack the monitor that is lit up to move the death saw away

    Step 5: Go to the entrance of tunnel 6 (the purple tunnel) and you will see a ball. Knife/shoot it and follow it until it goes outside and connects onto the satalite dish

    Step 6: Shoot the ball on the dish and it will fall again. Keep shooting/knifing it until it goes into the pyramid and one cylinder pops out.

    Step 7: Kill 25 zombies close to that cylinder so that their souls get locked inside. When its filled up just simple flip the switch by the pyramid (looks like the power switch. SAMANTHA IS REVEALED!!!

    Step 8: Take the teleporter to spawn area and turn right (find shelfs) and throw grenades at shelf until plates fall. Then throw a gersh to transfer the plates onto the teleport pad. When you teleport back to moon it will be by quick revive.

    Step 9: Throw a QED at the plates to make them disapear

    Step 10: Find a wire/lead pipe that is usually around the lab areas (where hacking device is found) and plug it in at the computer in the starting moon room

    Step 11: Whoever has the gold rod needs to put it in between the plates at that computer and then go to the keyboard and while looking at it, keep pressing X (will make typing sound). Keep pressing X until voice over is done. Then take the glowing rod and put it into the pyramid. 4 cylinders will pop out

    Step 12: Kill 25 zombies near each cylinder to fill them all up. Then flip the switch. Have the guy that had the rod in the first place take it back out. He now has all 8 permanent perks

    Step 13: Throw a QED at the pyramid engraving and the ball looking thing will transfer to where the simon says computers are.

    Step 14: Play a harder version of simon says at those computers. (3 games)

    Step 15: Throw a gersh at the ball thing beside the simon says computers and the rockets will launch. END OF EASTER EGG!!!
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