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Zorro - Garcia Stands Accused - Pt. 1 - S1 - Ep. 15

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  • Description: Airdates: 1/16/58, 7/17/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Myrna Fahey (Maria Crespo), Henry Willis (King's Messenger), Jack Elam (Gomez). Directed by: Robert Stevenson. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

    Sergeant Garcia is enjoying his temporary position as commandante until a replacement for the murdered Capitan Melindez can be found, and it appears his luck continues to improve when he receives a mysterious note from Zorro offering to surrender. The happy soldier reads that if he will travel alone into the hills, Zorro will give himself up.

    When evening falls, Garcia sets off for the meeting, armed only with his sword as instructed. A voice calls out from the shadows telling him to drop his sword before proceeding, which he does. However, there are no further instructions. When he returns for the sword, it is gone, so he sadly returns to the cuartel without having captured his foe.

    The next morning a wounded messenger arrives in the pueblo. He claims he was attacked in the dark by someone who then stole the army's payroll, and he offers the remnants of Garcia's sword as evidence. The magistrado orders the sergeant arrested; and, in a swift trial, Garcia is convicted and sentenced to death.

    Not believing that his friend is guilty, Diego decides to find the true thieves. To do so, he tries to visit the messenger to learn any small details that may clear Garcia. He's surprised to learn that the messenger, who was supposedly badly injured, has already left for the capital. Convinced that something is seriously wrong, Diego switches to his Zorro disguise and races after the messenger. He catches the man and forces him to return to the pueblo, hoping to arrive in time to save Garcia.

    The condemned sergeant, who is standing before a firing squad about to die, is narrowly saved by Zorro's arrival. The messenger admits he was part of a plot to steal the payroll and that Garcia is innocent. Later, when Zorro is back in his secret cave, he shows Bernardo another mysterious eagle feather he found in the messenger's possession. Like the one held by the murdered Rojas, this feather is cut in a secret code, convincing Zorro that a conspiracy truly does exist.

    Production Note:

    Don Diamond joined the cast as a semi-regular in the role of Corporal Reyes with this episode.
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