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Zulmat Ko Zia - Habib Jalib - Musheer

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  • Description: Habib Jalib (1928 March 12, 1993) was one of the renowned Pakistani Urdu poet of 20th century.
    Jalibs poetry reflected his vision and approach to life. He never deviated from his chosen path. His love for humankind, his sympathy for the underdog and his passion for the fellow-beings were reflected in his verses. What is quite significant and somewhat rare in a poet who is also charged with political ideology is his capacity to suppress his anger against the injustices and tyrannies that he witnesses in life.

    Haq Baat Pay Koray or Zindan, Baatil Kay Shikanjay main hay Yah Jaan
    Insaan Hain Kay Sahmay Baithay hain, KhunKhawar Darinday hain Raqsaan
    Is Zulm-o-Sitam ko Lutf-o-Karam, Is Dukh ko Dawa Kya Likhna

    Ay meray watan kay funkaro, zulmat pay na apna fun waro
    Yah mahal saroon kay basi, Qatil hain sabhi apnay Yaro
    Wirsay main hamain yah gham hay mila, is gham ko naya kya likhna

    Zulmat ko Zia , Sar Sar Ko Saba, Banday ko Khuda Kya Likhna...

    Zulmat Ko Zia By Habib Jalib....

    Hamid Ejaz
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